Breast Cancer Prevention Program


Our program is aimed at promoting early breast cancer diagnostics and helping women diagnosed with breast cancer. IFH’s key interventions include:

·         Development of educational  programs for women  of  reproductive age, devoted to early breast cancer detection;

·         Psychological support promotion for women with breast cancer;

·         Orientation to client-friendly services.

With the support of Russian MoHSD and the Joint Distribution Committee, IFH conducted a study entitled “Experience of breast-cancer survivors. Efficiency and accessibility of existing informational and educational resources on breast cancer and its prevention” in four Russian regions. The goal of this research was to study the awareness-level among women and health care providers regarding breast cancer, the experience of women who have survived this disease and the methods for breast cancer prevention in primary health care facilities as well as providing social and psychological support to the patients. We hope that the obtained results will facilitate the improvement of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

IFH also developed informational materials on breast cancer. Together with the Federal Mammological Center of the Russian MoHSD, IFH created a manual entitled “What is necessary to know about diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer”, intended for women diagnosed with this disease. Its goal is to give basic information on breast cancer, methods of diagnostics, treatment and social-psychological support. IFH also published a brochure on prevention of breast cancer entitled “Check yourself and be healthy!” to form responsible attitude of women to their health and to inform of risk factors and methods of diagnostics. 


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