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Тренинги и семинарыThe Institute for Family Health (IFH), together with their American partners - JSI Research & Training Institute and World Education, Inc., conducts seminars and trainings on different topics for health care professionals and other specialists.

All the trainings have been developed on the basis of adult learning principles. They are based on the data obtained in up-to-date international studies and international standards, on evidence-based medicine, and they also include Russian experience. Interactive education, including that at the workplace, the use of video materials, manikins and the internet enables IFH and our trainers to improve not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. We also conduct meetings at different levels and at international conferences.

The length of one training is 3 to 5 days.

All the participants are provided with a complete set of information and reference materials devoted to the topic of the training. Each participant will receive a certificate for successful completion of the course. 

The trainings are conducted by professionally certified specialists, faculty members from the leading medical schools, as well as WHO/UNICEF experts.

IFH can conduct seminars and trainings on topics that are adapted to meet the specific needs and requests of clients . We can also conduct field seminars,  trainings and meetings at different levels and at international conferences.

Call  or email us to learn more about participating in our trainings.

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