Newborn and Infant Care Training

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Newborn and infant care  is a new training bringing together neonatal and pediatric interests to improve care quality  in newborn and infant care, breastfeeding and child development based on international standards and evidence based medicine data.

Description of the training

The training includes the issues of newborn and infant care organization right after birth. Interactive presentations are grouped by case studies, small group discussions and practice at working places. The course covers modern principals of polyclinic work functioning, newborn and infant care, monitoring of newborn and infant development, new WHO child growth standards. The training offers simple practices based on situations occurred at management of children of this group. In the course of the training the participants improve counseling skills and work in team, develop clinical protocols and check lists for management of various states.


Improvement of the quality of providing newborn and infant care, promotion and intervention  of  modern standards of newborn and infant development  at first level medical facilities.


The participants of the Newborn and infant care Training are health managers, neonatologists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists and nurses.

Key Topics for discussion

  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Organization of infant care
  • Counseling skills
  • Principals of infant and newborn care. Newborn care protocol
  • Practical skills on breastfeeding
  • Possible problems during breastfeeding
  • Maternal counseling on Sudden Infant Death syndrome
  • Principals of nutrition for infants. Complimentary feeding. Maternal counseling on infant nutrition
  • Health development. WHO child growth standards.
  • Infant psychomotor development and care
  • Infant discomfort and pain prevention
  • Jaundice among newborns and infants being exclusively breastfed. Interventions. Basic requirements for phototherapy management
  • Infants and HIV. PMTCT algorithms
  • Maternal counseling on family planning
  • Management of low-weight and sick children in maternities and children’s policlinics
  • Perinatal CVS affection. Diagnosis and treatment
  • Interventions on infant care and nutrition in children’s polyclinics. 

The length of the training is 5 days.

The participants’ folder includes:

  • Participants’ manual  on newborn and infant care
  • Health promotion materials
  • Guidelines: Care of the newborn  in the delivery  and nursing room
  • Breastfeeding Guidelines
  • WHO guidelines on breastfeeding and nutrition for infants and young children
  • A set of reference materials
  • A set of information materials to be used during counseling
  • A video film
  • Posters


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